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Sequoia vs Redwood

Giant Sequoia vs. Coast Redwood

The giant sequoia and the redwood trees are often confused with one another. Though they are related, they are different.

The giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) that is found in Nelder Grove is also referred to as a “Sierra Redwood” and a “Big Tree.” These trees grow naturally on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada.

The taller, more slender California coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) grows in a narrow band along the Pacific Coast.

Sequoia Facts Redwood Facts
To 311 feet Height To 367.8 feet
To 3,200 years Age To 2,000 years
To 2.7 million lbs. Weight To 1.6 million lbs.
To 31 in. thick Bark To 12 in. thick
To 8 ft. diameter Branches To 5 ft. diameter
To 40 ft. diameter Base To 22 ft. diameter
By seed only Reproduce Seed or root sprout
Like an oat flake Seed Size Like a tomato seed
Like a chicken egg Cone Like a large olive
Round with scales Foliage Flat needles in sprays