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Nelder Grove

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An article was written in the Clovis Roundup paper on August 18, 2011 about Nelder Grove.  To see please check out this link. 

An article was recently posted on the Year in Yosemite blog written by Jamie Simons, January 2012, about Nelder Grove. She is a wonderful writer. Check out her other stories if you have time, they are fabulous.

This is the latest link to the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Guide for 2012. Inside, on page 45, is a picture and article about Nelder Grove.

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Nelder Grove is a grove of Giant Sequoias on a 1540 acre tract in the Sierra National Forest. The grove is 4 miles (as a crow flies) south of  Yosemite National Park's Mariposa Grove. It is usually accessed a bit north of Oakhurst, California off of Highway 41. Take Road 632 (Sky Ranch Road) for about 7 miles. Turn left on dirt road 6S47Y. Continue for about 1 mile. When you reach 6S90 either turn left to go to Shadow of the Giants trail (1/2 mile), OR turn right for the campground and other trails. If you head toward the campground and other trails be sure to turn left in about 1/4 mile on 5S19. 

There are seven free camping spots (2 are walk-in sites) with a two week stay maximum. Roads into the campground are NOT paved and the last 1/2 mile is not recommended for LONG trailers or vehicles with low clearance (most cars are okay).

The grove has been managed as an historical site. We ask that you leave what you find, observe the courtesies of the trail, use existing camp areas, pick-up your trash (this is a trash in-trash out area), respect wildlife, and show responsible pet ownership. 

Many hiking trails are within the grove to explore with a variety of lengths to chose from. Distances below are one-way unless specified:
       Bull Buck via the fire road - 1/4 mile
       Bull Buck Trail - 1/2 mile
       Shadow of the Giants - 1 mile loop
       Chimney Tree Trail - a bit over 1 mile
       Trail from the campground to:
             Leaner Tree - 1 mile
             Clothespin Tree - 2 miles
             Graveyard of the Giants - 3 miles
             Hawksworth Tree - 3 miles
             The Granddad and the Grand-kids - 3 miles
An interpretive area with historical replicas and displays can be found near the campground. Life-size replicas of logging techniques used by Madera Flume and Trading Company were built by John Hawksworth. You can find a two-pole chute, cross-log chute and an example of the tramway the loggers used to get the lumber produced from Mill #4 to the flume about 1/2 mile away.  Friends of Nelder Grove expect a flume display to be erected sometime in 2010.

Two cabins were moved from Biledo Meadow during 1980-1981 to Nelder Grove. These cabins were used during the latter half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century in Biledo Meadow.

When hosts or docents are available they would be happy to show you the inside of the cabins.  If you are interested in ensuring someone is available to show you around, please send an email requesting a FREE tour to 

Shadow of the Giants is an interpretive trail and the information on the signs as you explore the trail are full of interesting facts and information.  Friends of Nelder Grove worked on including more interpretive trails during the summer of 2009.  Instead of signs you will notice little logs with numbers on them as you explore the Chimney Tree Trail, The Bull Buck Trail, and the Big Ed Trail Brochures will be available at the cabin area in Nelder Grove, however, there is a chance that copies may not be available depending on when you visit the grove. If you'd like an email of the brochure in Microsoft Publisher that includes maps, trail descriptions and historical data... or a list of the items simply posted along the trail in Word... simply make an email request. 

This website has been recently created. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. There's much more to come!

We hope to see you at Nelder Grove! 
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